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Don’t say good bye to me too fast even though I’m fast asleep. Try your best to hold on to the past, wasted it all on me.

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Drum corps. You pay for it. In your own money, sweat, tears, passion, time, energy and dedication. March wherever you want to march. Don’t let ridiculous phrases like “corps whore” or “ring chaser” prevent you from expanding your vocabulary and reaching your goals.

Mind your business, hit your dot and para diddle diddle away. Peace.

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Kinda rly like a girl what do I do


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FireworksFlies On Tape  (new song off of their upcoming record “Oh, Common Life” due out March 25th via Triple Crown Records)

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American Football Stream New Song


American Football are streaming “The 7’s [Live At The Blind Pig, Champaign, IL, 1997]”, which is the first song they ever wrote together. Listen to it right here!

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